Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

Care Homes & Retirement Living

What we said we would achieve in 2020/21 What we achieved in 2020/21
Following a reduction in occupancy caused by the pandemic, our aim is to improve the financial status of the homes by improving occupancy. Overall care home occupancy has increased and was at 81% at the end of March 2021.
Fill vacancies in existing Retirement Living schemes and ensure that the new scheme, Pears Court at Sandringham, will fulfil the expectations of a desirable and sought-after place to live. The opening of Pears Court was slightly delayed with admissions of tenants beginning in June 2021. Shebson Lodge and Selig Court continued to have high levels of occupancy.
Internal and external audits, specialist training in infection control and adherence to clear guidelines, will be at the forefront of our activities. Our resources will respond to changes with agility and flexibility to minimise any adverse impact from future resurgences of the pandemic. We commissioned an external contractor to train and equip care and hospitality staff to safely manage infection control and prevention. This was backed up by audits and visits of Jewish Care’s Practice and Clinical Lead, who advised managers and their teams throughout the pandemic.
Our aim is to adopt systems that will support remote health as well as enable those in isolation to actively participate in positive and meaningful activities and to engage with others, extending our capabilities. An electronic dashboard using data collated on the electronic care plans and enabling management to study and use it for prevention of incidents such as falls. An electronic signing in device is also being rolled out, improving our compliance with data protection.

Future aims 2021/22:

Continue to deliver a distinctively Jewish experience to residents of our Care Homes and Retirement Living units.

Continue to innovate and improve quality by introducing life enhancing elements and activities to support those living in our Care Homes and Retirement Living facilities, enhancing catering and housekeeping services and enhancing all aspects of care management and service experience by using digital technology.

Secure Jewish Care’s future for the community by increasing occupancy and efficiency and reducing costs whilst maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.