Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

Community services, community engagement & volunteers

What we said we would achieve in 2020/21 What we achieved in 2020/21
Cost savings will be achieved through the reduction of overall staff numbers through redundancies and better deployment and management of resources. In October 2020, when the organisation understood that the second wave would not allow us to reopen resources, we undertook a full restructure and reduced the Community Centres team from 106 to 27 members of staff to operate all of our services virtually. As we follow the roadmap to exit lockdown this team is now increasing to enable us to reopen and provide services. A new and leaner management structure is now in place for Community Services.
Adopt systems that will support remote health as well as enable those in isolation to actively participate in positive and meaningful activities and to engage with others. A bi-product of the re-provision of services when the Centres were closed was online and virtual activity. This enabled us to reach more people, especially those who may have been unable to physically attend a centre due to their own physical frailty.


During the last year, our Community Services have been reliant on our volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels, telephone befriending, and a multitude of online and virtual gatherings and activities. When the pandemic took hold, we saw more than 600 new volunteers register to help, and we are incredibly grateful to them for enabling us to deliver these expanded services.

Volunteering also continued online at many of our care homes via livestreaming entertainment, festival or Shabbat services or kiddush. As volunteers were unable to physically go into our resources, we are also grateful to those who were able to continue helping those in need online.

Future aims 2021/22:

Continue to be the Customers’ choice, recognised for quality and being distinctively Jewish by:

  • Reopening community and day centres (for people living with dementia) in a way that recognises the risk posed by Covid-19.
  • Developing a meaningful and rich programme in our newest community in South Herts, ensuring that The Ronson Family Community Centre at Sandringham is fully utilised.

Continue to be the champion of volunteering by restructuring the Volunteers Department to provide support to all resources with the recruitment, training and development of volunteers.

Continue to secure Jewish Care’s future for generations to come by engaging the Redbridge Community on the delivery of a new campus providing residential care and community activity on one site.