Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

Fundraising & community engagement

What we said we would achieve in 2020/21 What we achieved in 2020/21
To maintain revenue fundraising income at £15.4m. Our total revenue income from donations and legacies (including our share of the Jewish Homes Emergency Appeal – JHEA) was £22.435m.
To maintain legacy income at £4m and to roll out our new legacy fundraising strategy including new messaging and a focus on legator stewardship. Legacy income for 2020-21 was £4.114m and new marketing adverts were placed across all Jewish press – digital and print.
To achieve a capital gifts target of £3.9m. Our total capital projects donations income was £6.864m.
To secure £9m in donations from major gifts income (includes our Patrons and Friends giving schemes). We exceeded our target with income of just over £10.5m.
Develop new fundraising products including In Memory and Celebratory Giving. Giving in Memory and Celebrate with Jewish Care are both fully launched platforms allowing current and new donors to support Jewish Care with their own section on the website.

Future aims 2021/22:

Continue to be a leader for the community for generations to come by:

  • Maintaining revenue fundraising income at £15.4 million.
  • To maintain legacy income at £4m, continue developing the Giving in Memory Portfolio and creating a Legacy Advisory Committee.
  • To secure £9m in donations from major gifts income.
  • To achieve a capital gifts target of £3.3m and ensure that all capital donor signage for Sandringham is complete alongside individual plaques and dedication events.
  • To continue to implement data procedures and processes and security measures to ensure secure use of personal information.

 Continue to be integrated in our community and champion volunteering by:

  • Formally completing the re-naming of Lady Sarah Cohen House to Stella & Harry Freedman House.
  • Increasing the number of volunteer fundraisers who actively fundraise for us.
  • Re-establishing a calendar of in-person fundraising events.
  • Increasing the number of synagogues choosing Jewish Care for their high holy appeal and companies who engage Jewish Care through employee engagement and donations.

Secure Jewish Care’s future for the community for generations to come by:

  • Planning for a Redbridge capital fundraising campaign.