Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

Marketing, communications and customer engagement

What we said we would achieve in 2020/21 What we achieved in 2020/21
Effectively communicate and engage all our internal and external stakeholders in an open, honest and transparent way about any organisational changes and developments that happen throughout 2020/21. Throughout the pandemic we regularly communicated in an open, clear and transparent way with all of our many stakeholders. We made it our commitment to effectively communicate and engage with them throughout – in many cases on a weekly basis.
Launch virtual tours across all of our care homes and vacant apartments at Wohl Court, to help ensure people can view our services in a new digital forum that both keeps them, and our service users protected and safe. We created and launched virtual tours across all of our care homes and also within our Retirement Living schemes. This meant that tours of these services were not only highly accessible to both clients and relatives but could be conducted in a safe way.

Future aims for 2021/2022

Continue to be the Customers’ choice, recognised for quality and being distinctively Jewish by:

  • Launching a community centre reopening campaign which raises awareness and generates new members for our community centres.
  • Further streamlining the admissions process by digitising the application experience to help increase occupancy across all our care homes and Retirement Living schemes.
  • Launching a new website which will include an event booking and ticket sales system, virtual community centre and digitised version of the helpline.
  • Creating a Quality Assurance framework to help the organisational reflect and take forward learnings at a strategic level.