Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

What we do

Jewish Care is the largest health and social care charity serving the UK Jewish community in London and the South-East. Together with our 1,200 staff members, our 3,500 volunteers, and our dedicated Trustees and lay leaders lending their time and expertise, we run ten care homes, three Retirement Living Schemes, ten Community Centres including our Connect@ services, three Dementia Day Centres and many support services and groups, which touch the lives of over 10,000 people every week.

Our vision

For Jewish Care to be the care and community services provider of choice for older people in the Jewish community and to support family members every step of the way.

Our purpose

To deliver excellent care and community support services to the community that are Jewish at heart, either directly or with others.

Jewish Care is an organisation where Jewish culture and values are shared and celebrated throughout our work. The Jewish values of care and respect for others run through all we do.

We will be distinguished by the Jewishness of the services we offer, and people will choose us because of this.

Our values

Our values are central to the way we work. They are what make us distinctive and drive how we act as individuals and as an organisation. They shape our culture. They are:

  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Compassion

Our Strategy

Our strategy sets out an ambitious place in a world of increasing change, complexity, challenges and choice. We will need to be agile and responsive and also ensure the organisation’s sustainability for generations to come.

Our strategic vision faces the following challenges: the changing need for care, the changing nature of Jewishness, the widening care funding gap, the growth of regulation and the changing economic landscape.

The future of Jewish Care will be characterised by outstanding engagement, excellent experience, clarity of purpose, agility, efficiency and the strength of our values.

Our strategy sets out the seven priorities we want to achieve across the organisation from 2020-25:

Strategic Objective One
Jewish Care will be distinctively Jewish

Our aim is that the Jewishness of the experience we offer is clear, distinct and meets the needs and expectations of the community we serve. We want people to experience the Jewish values of kindness, giving and welcoming in every interaction with us.

Strategic Objective Two
Jewish Care will be recognised for quality & innovation

Our aim is to be the social care provider of choice for older people in the Jewish community, universally recognised for the quality of our services. Jewish Care should always deliver quality, best practice and achieve full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Strategic Objective Three
Jewish Care will be integrated in our community

Our aim is that the Jewish community and Jewish Care will remain central to each other. Jewish Care will develop with members of the community we serve as we navigate a changing world of care. We will engage effectively with supporters, volunteers, leaders, partners and clients to respond to their needs and provide them with first class care and services.

Strategic Objective Four
Jewish Care will be the customer’s choice

Our aim is to develop staff and volunteers, our insights, our systems and our tools so that we can become the social care provider of choice to the Jewish community. We should be known for the speed and excellence of our service.

Strategic Objective Five
Jewish Care will be an employer of choice

Our aim is to be the employer of choice for talented people who share our values and have the skills we need to deliver our ambitions.

Strategic Objective Six
Jewish Care will be the champion of volunteering

Our aim is to enable people to enjoy a first class experience as volunteers, making the most of these skills and the impact they make on the communities we serve.

Strategic Objective Seven
Jewish Care will be a continued leader for the community for generations to come

Our aim is to ensure that the governance, leadership, financial, health, resources and reputation of the organisation continue to be robust, well managed and allow us to serve the community for generations.