Jewish Care Annual Review 2020 – 2021

Financial Report

Our Bottom Line

Total charitable activities income for the Group before donations and other income was £29.5m (2019/20 £34.9m) with total charitable expenditure before depreciation of £52.2m (2019/20 £53.3m) resulting in a net operating loss before depreciation, donations and other income of £22.7m (2019/20 net loss of £18.4m). The end of the previous financial year also saw the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which had a very significant impact on our activities and plans for 2020/21.

Financial Report

Our Income

Total revenue income from donations and legacies (including our share of the Jewish Homes Emergency Appeal – JHEA) was £22.435m. (2019/20 £17.225m). £2.3m of this increase relates to a one off gift from the winding up of a charitable foundation. The balance of the increase relates to a significant contribution from the community to support the organisation in a challenging year.

Legacy income was £4.114m (2019/20 £4.120m) As is the nature of the make-up of legacies from estates, there were delays in a number of properties proceeding to exchange/completion during the national lockdown.

Total capital project donations were £6.399m (2019/20 £8.224m). This funding source consists of capital donations applied directly to our capital construction projects. The capital project funding received during the year was towards the construction of the Sandringham campus at Stanmore and Leila’s House (JAMI). Pledges and commitments made by our capital project donors in prior years continued in line with the pledge redemption timings for 2020/21.

Our Expenditure

Expenditure on our charitable activities (including depreciation of £3.2m) for our care homes, day centres, home care, retirement living, and mental health resources was £55.8m (2019/20 £57m). Some areas of our charitable activities most notably our care based services saw a significant increase in expenditure due to Covid-19 and other areas saw a reduction in expenditure (Day and Community Centres and some head office departments) with the swift adoption of reset plans to mitigate the financial impact of the pandemic.

Charitable expenditure in our care homes was £38.9m (2019/20 £38.4m). The majority of the increase in expenditure in the year related to Covid-19 related expenditure, with the additional costs of personal protective equipment (PPE), additional staff and agency costs to cover periods of self-isolation, enhanced overtime rates for our care staff, additional staff food costs and the costs of testing regimes for staff, residents, and visitors. Some mitigation of these costs included support from the government, with the receipt of Infection Control Funding from each local authority and access to PPE.

Charitable expenditure in our day centres was £5m (2019/20 £7.1m). March 2020 saw the closure of all of our day and community centres, with a subsequent re-provision of services in a digital and virtual format supported by our befriending service and a meals on wheels delivery option. The closure of the day and community centres saw a significant reduction in day to day operational costs with a major staff restructuring programme completing in January 2021 with significant redundancy costs.

Charitable expenditure in our retirement living service was £4.7m (2019/20 £4.3m). As is the case with our other community-based services, our retirement living care service also saw an increase in the year with Covid-19 related expenditure.

Our income

For the year ended 31 March 2021

Our expenditure

For the year ended 31 March 2021

Summary financial statement

For the year ended 31 March 2021 Year ended 31 Mar 2021 £’000 Year ended 31 Mar 2020 £’000
Charitable income and expenditure
Charitable activities income1 29,528 34,966
Charitable expenditure before depreciation2 (52,247) (53,358)
Operating charitable loss before donations (22,719) (18,392)
Other operational expenditure
Depreciation and amortisation (3,568) (3,664)
Total other operational expenditure (3,568) (3,664)
Asset write offs (former Princess Alexandra Care Home) (520)
Net operating loss before donations and other income (26,287) (22,576)
Other income3 1,812
Income from donations and investments
Donations and legacies (includes one off emergency appeal monies in 2021) 22,435 17,225
Fundraising expenditure (2,554) (3,624)
Other trading entities 6 70
Investments income 1,153 1,017
Investment fees & other investment related costs (192) (190)
Total income from donations and investments (net) 20,848 14,498
Net operating (loss) (3,627) (8,078)
Net unrealised gains/(losses) on investments 6,492 (949)
Property Disposals 2,882 421
Capital project donations
Sandringham 6,399 8,224
Leila’s House (JAMI) 465 110
Total capital project donations  6,864 8,334
Actuarial (losses)/gains on defined benefit pension scheme (3,909) 2,999
Net movement in funds 8,702 2,727


  1. Charitable activities income consists of local authority and private residential fees, grant income, retirement living rental income and day centre attendance income.
  2. Charitable activities expenditure in our Care Homes, Day Centres, Home Care, Retirement Living and Mental Health services (note 9)
  3. Other income relates to government funding for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and Infection Control Funding (ICF)

Fund Movements

Fund movements and balance sheet Funds at 1 April 2020 £’000 Funds movement for the year £’000 Funds at 31 March 2021 £’000
Unrestricted Funds 22,506 6,688 29,194
Restricted fund 3,543 27 3,570
Endowment fund 16,472 412 16,884
Designated fund 101,548 5,394 106,942
Pension fund (10,589) (3,819) (14,408)
Total Funds 133,480 8.702 142,182
Tangible assets 134,571 7,912 142,483
Investments 27,751 3,799 31,550
Net current assets/(liabilities) (321) 3,428 3,107
Defined pension scheme provision (10,589) (3,819) (14,408)
Amounts due after one year (17,932) (2,618) (20,550)
Net assets 133,480 8.702 142,182


Summarised Accounts

From our Trustees

The summarised accounts are a summary of information extracted from the annual accounts and contain information relating to the Statement of Financial Activities.

These summarised accounts may not contain sufficient information to allow for a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity.

For further information, the full accounts, which received an unqualified audit opinion, should be consulted. Copies of these can be obtained from Jewish Care, Amélie House, Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Campus, 221 Golders Green Road, London NW11 9DQ.

The annual accounts were approved by the Trustees on 22 November 2021.

What people have said

Over the last year, Jewish Care has received 1,396 compliments and 39 complaints across the organisation’s resources and services.

This is an increase in 422 compliments and a decrease of 57 complaints from the previous year.

A further breakdown is below:

Organisational total 35.79 to 1
1,396 Compliments
39 Complaints
9.5 to 1
914 compliments
96 complaints
Homes total 19.30 to 1
502 Compliments
26 Complaints
7.24 to 1
355 compliments
49 complaints
Community Services total 68.83 to 1
413 Compliments
6 Complaints
19.94 to 1
359 compliments
18 complaints


Some of the compliments we received from relatives of care home residents included are as follows:

A relative of a resident at Anita Dorfman House at Sandringham said:

“Myself and my family would like to express our sincere thanks to you and to all the nurses, carers, activities team and other personnel at Anita Dorfman House for the exceptional kindness, love and care given to my mother. She was extremely happy and could not have resided in a better environment. We wish you and Anita Dorfman House all the best for the future.”

A resident at Vi and John Rubens House celebrated her 100th birthday. Her daughter said:

“She is the most amazing lady with a great deal of style. We all miss visiting my Mum but the staff at Vi & John Rubens House are fantastic and working in such difficult circumstances, so I’m very grateful to all of them.”

Another relative at Anita Dorfman House at Sandringham praising Jewish Care and care taken of their mother during the pandemic:

“Thank you for the really informative email. I know what challenging times these are for all of you. You have done – and are continuing to do – an amazing job at Jewish Care protecting our loved ones. On a personal note, my mother is overjoyed to have received her first vaccine this morning!”

This was echoed by relatives of care home residents in other Jewish Care homes. A relative of a resident at Hyman Fine House in Brighton said:

“Thanks for the regular updates during this worrying time for you and your team. It’s reassuring to see that you’re doing everything possible to keep staff and residents safe and well.”

We received compliments from relatives of care home residents after their loved one had passed away and the end of life care they received. A relative of a resident at Otto Schiff care home in Golders Green said:

“Dear Managers, I hope this email finds you well, both personally and professionally. It has been nearly 8 months since my darling mother Ruth passed away and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. I will never forget the kindness and care that all those at Otto Schiff showed her. And I will also never forget your individual kindness and care. That me, my brother, and my husband were able to be by her side as she died has meant the world to me and I will forever be grateful that you allowed us this privilege. I do hope it has filtered down that we have made a donation to Otto Schiff. I hope it helps you continue to offer the incredible, and vitally important care you offer to those in need, perhaps never more so than in this difficult time.”

A relative of a resident at Stella & Harry Freedman House formerly known as Lady Sarah Cohen House in Friern Barnet said:

“My Dad passed away last week and was surrounded by so much love and warmth. It takes a likeminded family to understand the essence of what my Dad meant to us. The amazing staff on the second floor of Lady Sarah Cohen House understood and supported us through this very difficult time. Dad had stayed at LSCH previously and so got to know and adore the likes of staff members and all the other amazing staff. His end-of-life care was simply amazing. Thank you so much to staff who held my hand whilst I sat with Dad throughout Shabbat.”